Our Cracklin Gourmet Popcorn is specially
flavor coated with a crunchy crisp texture
that will leave you wanting more!

We've chosen only the best corn kernels
for are gourmet popcorn, corn that pops in
a full mushroom, so you have almost no
bits, pieces or crumbs left behind.
You can see the quality in every bag.
Keep checking! We're always coming up with new flavors!
Our chocolate comes in sweet, white, or dark... Generously shot all over each morsel of popcorn.
And Our Chocolate Delight is fully engulfed, for those who can't get enough!
Our Savory gourmet popcorn is nicely seasoned with flavor. Far better than any theater popcorn, but absolutely perfect for that movie night.
Name a flavor, go ahead... From Licorice, Dr. Pepper, to traditional caramel, you've got to try any or all. Then you'll know why our coated popcorn is the cat's meow and the gourmet belongs in our name. Stop by our store and give them a try!
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